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Відкритий лист дистрибʼюторів України до виробників стоматологічної продукції

Ми відправили офіційні листи міжнародним компаніям, аби вони перестали підтримувати агресорів


Информация отправлена. Спасибо!

Our dear partners,

The whole world is watching live how russia is brutally killing people of Ukraine, bombing our houses, hospitals, and kindergartens. Air raid alarms almost every hour, tanks are driving the streets. Bombing with rockets, hailstones, beeches in most of our cities. Some of the cities are in ruins already. Some don’t have water, electricity, gas.

202 schools, 34 hospitals, and more than 1500 civilian high-rise buildings were destroyed. Occupiers are not letting kids, women, and elderly people go. Peaceful civilians trying to flee from the war zone to a safe place are not allowed out. They are shot to death. Brutally, for the first time since the nazi invasion of Ukraine. A little kid died of dehydration today.

Almost 2 thousand people, 166 of them kids, were killed and injured during these 13 days of the russian war. More than 2 million refugees were forced to leave their homes and loved ones behind to escape this senseless war. These are crimes against humanity. putin threatens to use nuclear weapons and his regime is a threat to the whole civilized world.

If russia doesn't follow the rules of a civilized world - then russia shouldn't gain from goods and services the civilized world provides. russia started the war on a peaceful nation - now let the war feed them. We ask the global community to act even more decisively.

When someone loses their mind - we must lose our fears and forget about doing business with them. We need to defend ourselves. Everyone - countries and companies should show their values and morals now. We must fight against the inhuman force that wants to destroy humanity itself.

We expect you to stop working with putin's regime. Show your solidarity with Ukraine. By working with the aggressor you are helping financially support their war machine. The money you pour into russia are supporting the aggressor’s army. This army has the blood of kids and peaceful civilians on its hands.

The blame for the murders and terror of the Ukrainian population is undoubtedly on the russian regime. But the responsibility lies with everyone who continues to work with the aggressor.

Choosing to leave the russian market means you are strongly against these actions.

 If you continue business as usual, it means supporting putin's regime.

putin is leading this war, but every citizen of russia is responsible for the current events. With their silent consent, they give the green light to kill hundreds of people. With no remorse.

Global leaders and companies such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, TUI Cruises, BP, BMW, Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), Visa, Mastercard, Jaguar, General Motors, Apple, Nike, Boeing, Airbus, Delta Air Lines, Dell, HP, Intel, AMD, GlobalFoundries, TSMC, Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount and Sony Pictures, H&M Group and much more have broken off their business relationships.

We urge you to publicly support the global movement. We urge you to stop all business activities with russia - sales, marketing, courses, deliveries, others. We urge you to close representative offices in russia. By stopping business with russia we are capable to stop this senseless war.

Please, voice your position now or history will remember your inaction and how you chose money over moral values. Please, stop any business with russia and do it publicly.

Some of us have already left or lost our homes, some of us have lost our loved ones in this war. Someone is writing this letter from destroyed or occupied cities. Maybe it's someone's last letter.


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